PE-140A series super high speed type


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Product Category: Piezoelectric

Product introduction: Sports car engine in the micro feeder. Through the physical characteristics of vibration, the drive structure is changed by a high-precision process to achieve smooth and high-speed supply of small workpieces. Promoted by modern high speed and high efficiency

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Non-standard custom process:

01.Customer Appointment Consultation--Customer Communication in the Early Stage to Understand Technical Requirements

02. Incoming material test - the customer sends a small amount of material, the factory passes the material evaluation

03. Technical communication confirmation - engineering technical requirements, machine accessories confirmation

04. Quotation and sign a contract - according to the design plan, sign a contract payment deposit

05. Engineering perfect design - perfect design requirements based on confirmed technical solutions

06. Vibration plate production--arrange factory production and production, complete machine debugging and installation

07. Delivery to the customer--After the stability of the running material test is correct, delivery to the customer factory

08. Customer return visit - return visit to customer usage




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